Creative Automation Company
An industry leader in fluid dispensing and positive displacement equipment since 1968.

Creative Automation is the premier provider of high accuracy, high repeatability fluid dispensers. The True Volume Piston Positive Displacement Pump uses a Creative Automation patented technology to provide the most accurate volume control available. The True Volume pumps maintain accuracy despite change in temperature, viscosity or deposit size. Our servo driven, high throughput, automatic dispensing systems are designed for 24/7 operation under the most demanding conditions. Dots, beads, fills are accomplished with speed and precision for solder paste, silver filled epoxy, surface mount or underfill materials. The powerful, easy-to-use proprietary software allows intuitive programming and total control of the dispensing process. Creative Automation dispensers offer the pinnacle of accurate positioning with the highest volume repeatability.

Champion 3700 Champion 6809    
Piston Positive Displacement Pump

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